Crazy Time Live – full review of the Evolution game

Crazy Time Evolution – what is it?

Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming is a live show, the main features of which are live presenters and a huge wheel divided into 54 sectors. Each of the sectors of the wheel contains special symbols denoting bonus rounds and individual numbers.

“Yeah, yeah, we’ve seen this somewhere before.”

The mechanics of Crazy Time are embedded in many other games from Evolution and are extremely simple:

  • Players place bets on their favourite sectors in the hope that the wheel will stop exactly on their sector.
  • A cheerful presenter, who constantly communicates with the audience live on air, starts the wheel.
  • Once the wheel stops, players who guess the sector correctly receive generous rewards or move on to bonus games where they can win even more.

Since the game is available around the clock, especially for players, the presenters work in shifts and substitute for each other. Each of them creates an unforgettable atmosphere of fun, which prevents the game from getting boring.

Crazy Time Live
‚úÖ ProviderEvolution Gaming
ūüí≤ RTP95.5%
ūüíį Max winningsx25000.00
‚ŹĪ Release Date2020-06-10
ūüö© FeaturesDigiWheel, 4 bonus rounds
ūüéĀ Bonus roundsCoin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Crazy Time
ūüďä RTP Bonus roundsCoin Flip – 95.48%, Cash Hunt – 95.83%, Pachinko – 94.35%, Crazy Time – 95.26%
ūüŹÜ Special betting mechanicsBets can be placed on numerical and bonus rounds. There are 54 segments on the wheel, of which 46 are with the numbers (1, 2, 5, 10), 8 with bonus rounds

Crazy Time wheel – what does it consist of?

As in other games from Evolution Gaming, the wheel in Crazy Time Live is a unique technology DigiWheel. This company has now become part of Evolution Gaming and creates the hardware for their games. On the wheel there are special LED panels that show the location of segments, multipliers on the wheel and other elements.

As we said in the Funky Time review – this wheel is like a special rotating TV screen, on which with the help of modern technology all the images are kept in their orientation while the wheel is spinning.

The segments of the Crazy Time wheel are divided into 2 main categories for betting:

Bet on Numbers – 45 of the 54 segments of the wheel are marked with four numbers. Number 1 is 21 sectors, Number 2 is 13 sectors, Clear 5 is 7 sectors, and Number 10 is 4 sectors. If the wheel stops on the segment with the number 1, you win the bet with a multiplier of 1:1. Other numbers bring the corresponding multiplier of the player’s bet.

Bonus Bet – includes the remaining 9 segments. 4 segments give you access to the Coin Flip bonus, 2 segments give you access to the Pachinko bonus, 2 segments give you access to the Cash Hunt bonus, and just one segment can get you the Crazy Time bonus.

As you can see, in the Crazy Time game, the wheel has fewer sectors and the stakes are less varied than in Funky Time. But that doesn’t make it any less interesting and exciting.

Crazy Time Wheel

How to play Crazy Time

If you have played other live games from Evolution Gaming, you won’t have any difficulties with Crazy Time. The whole game process is based on a spinning wheel with 54 sectors. The gameplay is as follows:

  1. The player chooses the area on which he will bet.
    The bet can be placed on a single sector or on many sectors. For example, the player can quickly bet on all sectors with numbers or on all sectors with bonuses.
  2. Before the start of the round the player makes a bet.
    After that, the host spins the wheel. While the wheel is spinning, additional bonuses for certain sectors may appear on the wheel.
  3. The wheel stops and players who guessed the sector correctly receive their winnings.
    If the wheel stops on a sector with a bonus game, the fun continues.

In the bonus game, the initial bet can grow to x25000, which will bring the player huge winnings.

All this is incredibly addictive and makes the game very interesting, despite its simplicity. But to understand the rules of the game in more detail, you need to take a closer look at the Crazy Time bonus rounds.

Crazy Time Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds are exactly what make the game an incredibly fun game to play. They add variety to the game and bring players huge winnings. But there are only 9 sectors with bonus games on the wheel, which makes their falling out not too frequent and desirable. There are a total of 4 bonus rounds present in the game.

Crazy Time bonus round

Coin Flip Bonus Round

This round involves the simple but addictive mechanics of flipping a coin. The coin has two sides, red and blue, each associated with a specific win multiplier.


  • Before the round starts, two multipliers appear on the screen – one for each side of the coin.
  • The coin is automatically flipped.
  • The player’s winnings depend on which side of the coin lands upwards. The winnings are multiplied by the corresponding multiplier.

Cash Hunt Bonus Round

Cash Hunt is an interactive round with multiple targets on the screen, each hiding a random multiplier.


  • The player has to choose one of the many targets on the screen.
  • Each target hides a random multiplier that is not known to the player prior to selection.
  • Once a target is selected, the multiplier is revealed and applied to the player’s bet.

Pachinko Bonus Round

Pachinko is a game in which the ball drops through a series of pegs, at the end of which are various multipliers.


  • The ball is launched at the top of the screen and falls through a series of obstacles.
  • Depending on where the ball falls, the player gets the multiplier indicated at that location.
  • If the ball falls into the special “DOUBLE” area, all multipliers are doubled and the ball is restarted.

Crazy Time Bonus Round

Crazy Time is the most exciting and dynamic bonus round with a big wheel of fortune containing many different multipliers.


  • The player chooses one of three coloured flippers (green, blue or yellow), each corresponding to a specific part of the wheel.
  • The wheel spins, and when it stops, the multiplier indicated by the selected flipper is applied to the player’s bet.
  • This round may also feature special segments that increase winnings or provide additional benefits.

Odds of winning

We analyse the odds of winning every game we review and the odds of winning Crazy Time are no exception. In all games where there is a wheel, the odds of a player winning will depend on the sector on which the bet was placed. In this table you can see the odds of each sector of the wheel in Crazy Time.

All bonus rounds in the game have unique winning odds. By hitting them the player can increase his bet many times over. But be careful, this table is informational and actions in the game are random.

Crazy Time Pachinko
SectorNumber of SectorsChance
Number 12138.89%
Number 21324.07%
Number 5712.96%
Number 1047.41%
Coin Flip47.41%
Cash Hunt23.70%
Crazy Time11.85%

Total number of sectors on the wheel: 54.

Crazy Time Strategies

Crazy Time Live by Evolution Gaming, despite its simplicity, can have many interesting and diverse strategies. Our team has prepared and tested 5 best strategies of the game especially for you. Here you can find both very simple and safe strategies for beginners and risky and complex strategies for experienced Crazy Time players and fans of Live games.

Crazy Time Strategies

Wheel of Fortune Strategy

Place as varied bets as possible, combining numerical and bonus sectors to maximise the coverage of the wheel.

How to play:

  • Distribute your bets between the numerical sectors and all four bonus rounds.
  • Balance your play by combining regular small wins from the numbers and big potential wins from the bonus rounds.

Bonus Madness Strategy

Concentrate solely on bonus sectors to chase big wins.

How to play:

  • Bet only on the bonus sectors: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time.
  • Be prepared for rare but potentially big wins by accepting the high risk and the possibility of a long wait.

Safe Bet Strategy

A cautious approach with an emphasis on low-risk bets for steady, albeit smaller, wins.

How to play:

  • Focus on numbers with low odds, such as 1 and 2.
  • Avoid bonus rounds by consistently accumulating small wins.

Chasing Crazy Time strategy

A strategy focusing on the most exciting bonus round, Crazy Time, with great winning potential.

How to play:

  • Bet predominantly on the Crazy Time sector.
  • Prepare for rare but significant moments of possible big winnings.

Master of Multipliers strategy

A strategy focused on maximising the use of multipliers in the game by mixing numerical and bonus bets.

How to play:

  • Allocate bets between numerical sectors and bonus rounds, taking into account potential multipliers.
  • Use your knowledge of the probabilities of the sectors to maximise your chances of winning with the maximum multipliers.

Each of these strategies suits different playing styles and player preferences, allowing players to choose the right one for their individual Crazy Time game goals.

Crazy Time Demo

Crazy Time Demo is no different from Funky Time and it simply does not exist. The only thing available to the player is the ability to watch the game live without the ability to bet or play for a bonus account. If you are not yet familiar with this iconic game, then be sure to start with the demo version of Crazy Time (live streaming of the game). This will help you to understand all the rules faster and possibly develop your own winning strategy.

By clicking on the link from our website you will be able to watch the Crazy Time live stream. If you do not understand why the game has become so popular – watch Crazy Time Live and you will understand everything yourself.

Crazy TIme Demo

Crazy Time Statistics

In this section we present key statistics for Crazy Time that will help players in their strategic decisions. These stats are based on historical information about the different sectors and average winnings.

Sector drop statistics

SectorFrequency of Fallout (%)Average winnings (multiple of bet)
Number 138.891
Number 224.072
Number 512.965
Number 107.4110
Coin Flip7.415-50
Cash Hunt3.705-100
Crazy Time1.8510-200

These statistics can be useful for understanding trends in the Crazy Time game. For example, although sectors with the number 1 are the most frequently drawn, their win rate is lower compared to the infrequently drawn bonus rounds, which offer significantly higher win potential. This emphasises the balance between risk and possible reward that players should consider when choosing their bets.


Crazy Time by Evolution Gaming is truly noteworthy as one of the most innovative and exciting games in the world of online casinos. This game perfectly combines elements of classic roulette with the interactivity and dynamics of a television show. With its various bonus rounds including Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and of course the signature Crazy Time, the game promises not only great entertainment but also the potential for big wins.

A wide range of strategies makes the game suitable for beginners and experienced players alike, allowing everyone to find their own unique approach to the game. Whether it’s cautious bets on numerical sectors or risky wagers on bonus rounds, Crazy Time offers every player the opportunity to test their luck and strategic skills.
It’s important to remember that despite all the fun and excitement, playing at an online casino always involves risk. Therefore, we recommend that you approach the game responsibly and consider it as an enjoyable entertainment rather than a way to make money.

Overall, this game is a great example of how technology and innovation can transform a traditional casino into an exciting and interactive gaming experience. We hope our review has helped you better understand this exciting game and prepared you for an unforgettable experience in the world of Crazy Time!


What is Crazy Time and how do I play it?

Crazy Time is an exciting game from Evolution Gaming, based on the concept of a spinning wheel. Players place bets on which sector of the wheel the pointer will stop on. The game includes both numerical and bonus sectors, offering a variety of winning opportunities.

What are the odds of winning at Crazy Time?

The odds of winning in Crazy Time depend on the sector selected. Numerical sectors are more frequent but offer smaller winnings, while bonus sectors are less frequent but can offer significantly larger winnings.

Can I play Crazy Time for free?

You can’t play Crazy Time directly for free, but many online casinos offer the opportunity to watch the game without betting, allowing you to understand the mechanics of the game before playing for real money.

What are the strategies for playing Crazy Time?

A variety of strategies can be employed in Crazy Time, including betting on all sectors to increase your chances of winning, focusing on numerical sectors for more frequent small wins, or focusing on bonus rounds to chase big wins. It’s important to remember that the results in Crazy Time are determined randomly.

What bonus rounds are available in Crazy Time?

There are four bonus rounds in Crazy Time: Coin Flip, Cash Hunt, Pachinko and Crazy Time. Each round offers unique mechanics and opportunities to win, ranging from a simple coin flip to spinning the giant wheel of fortune in the Crazy Time bonus round.

Screenshots Crazy Time Live

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